Bathroom Mildew Problems

Your Shower Liner is the Key to Your Bathroom Mildew Problems

The bathroom is a major source of household problems. The plumbing can break down and leak; the fixtures can wear out, and moisture tends to collect in all sorts of places in the bathroom.  This last one is a big deal, because moisture in your bathroom can lead to rotting, warping and the growth of mold in your home. The best way to deal with the mold and mildew in your bathroom is through proper prevention techniques.

Your Curtain Liner

Your tub or shower is made to handle moisture. Water just repels off of them and drains out or splatters to other areas of the bathroom. Your floor isn’t built the same way. This can cause serious issues for your floor, such as creating structural damage. The shower curtain and liner are the best way to defend against water from your shower or tub reaching the floor.

Your shower curtain, when used correctly is a great defense against water in the bathroom. It has to be inside the tub to be effective though. If the water from your shower is going over the top of the curtain or liner, then you need to change the height of those.  This occurs sometimes in older tubs where a shower head was installed later.

Your shower liner is the cheapest way to keep your bathroom floor safe from moisture and keep mildew out of your bathroom.

Your Shower Liner

The shower liner is different from the curtain liner. It runs under or on top of the shower floor and keeps water from flowing out where it’s not supposed to. Shower liners can be flexible or firm and are designed to keep water going into the drain instead of somewhere else.

If your floor is tiled, the water can really mess up the grout or soak into unwanted areas. The shower liner is there to make sure that the water only goes into the appropriate places. Without this liner, some showers will turn into mildew habitats.

You can see if your shower liner is leaking by placing a plastic bag into the drain. Leave a portion of it hanging out of the drain for easy removal later. Then fill up the shower and check the water line. After a couple of hours, check the water liner again. If your bag has no holes and the water line is lower, then you may have a leak in your shower liner.


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